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Terms & Conditions hereby provides these terms and conditions of occupancy, as a fully & duly,registered company, accredited by Dept of Tourism  & recommended by TRIP ADVISOR

Occupancy – Overnight accommodation is limited to the number of guests indicated on the “Guest Entry Form”

You may have up to 4 “Day Visitors” per apartment, between the hours of 10am through until 10pm.  For security purposes we do ask that you advise us of your intended visitors names & their visiting times.

We ask that guest moderate noise levels at all times as there are other guests and neighbors who wont appreciate noise. Further to this, we must request guests to not gather outdoors after 10 PM, this includes the balcony in Apartment 4 and other common areas. If you will be arriving or departing between the hours of 10pm and 7 am please also minimise noise. Please note,these conditions are strictly enforced, dont spoil yours and others hard earned vacations.

Check in / Check out times

Our usual check in time is 12:00noon

& checkout time is 10:00am

We are flexible regarding earlier check in & later checkout times. Providing there is no previous or follow on guests you can check in as early as 9am without extra charge, check in earlier than 9am will incur extra charge of 350php per hour.

Late checkout is also permissible up until 12 pm without extra charge, subject to availability checkout later than 2pm will incur extra charge of 350php per hour.

Please advise us if you will require early OR late Check in / Check out times



Your booking is confirmed by receipt of your deposit, the balance of your payment is required at check in & confirmation of guest numbers.

We accept direct deposit to our BDO, BPI account, or online via PAYPAL, or cash.


Cancellation/changes – Our cancellation policy is that in the event of cancellation notice given more than 14 days prior to check in date there is a cancellation charge of 30% of your deposit & your balance can be rolled over to confirm bookings at a later available date.

Notice given less than 14 days but more than 7 days, prior to check in will incur a 50% loss of deposit  the balance of the deposit will be rolled over to confirm bookings at a later available date, subject to availability.

Notice given less than 7 days will incur a 100% forfieture of deposit.


All van deposits are non-refundable.

Damage deposit – A damage deposit of 500php is required upon check in. It is refundable upon check out provided that: a) No damage is done to property or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear. b) No charges are incurred due to indoor smoking or bringing pets. c) No excessive cleaning required. All debris, rubbish and garbage are placed in the garbage bin and soiled dishes are cleaned. d) No linens/towels are lost, stolen, or damaged. e) The Key is returned.

Pets – Unfortunately we no longer allow pets.

Condition of property – When you check in your apartment will be very clean & well presented, we do ask that upon check out, you will leave the apartment with dishes washed & floors swept.

Facilities provided – We do our very best to ensure that all facilities are in good working order for your enjoyment of your stay. Please do not hesitate to ask if you encounter any problem with any equipment or service, we will attend to it immediately.

Smoking – Smoking is limited to the outside areas of the apartments. Ashtrays are provided in smoking areas for your convenience.

Accuracy of advertising – Our advertised rates and facilities shall be limited to those contained in our website,

We shall not have responsibility for older/out of date advertising sites which we may be listed on.


Limitation of liability – Our liability for accident and or loss is limited to that proscribed by Philippines Dept of Tourism requirements.

The management of reserve the right to be the final arbiter of disputes.

In the event of unavailabilty of accommodations we will endevor to transfer your booking to an approximately equivelent establishment, or refund your deposit.


As we are located in a residential area, we do ask that you limit noise.

Our neighbors consist variously of City Councilor, ranking Police Officer, Medical Professionals and they all certainly value their peaceful enjoyment of the area.

After 10 pm we request that you keep all noise to conversational levels only.

After 11 pm, please contain all activity to inside the apartments. No noise is permitted on the balcony areas.


Our location is in a private subdivision with mostly larger houses the owners of which generally have some security in place, this has resulted in a very low likelihood of security threat for our area.

We value the security of all guests & have made a serious effort to provide a safe environment for their stay with us, including automatic lighting, alarms to external areas, 24/7 CCTV, the CCTV is recorded off site. Please note that we do take every precaution to ensure security is of a high standard, but you are ultimately responsible for your own safety, including the safety of your valuables.

We do ask that you assist this effort by closing the front gates at all times. Due to the sensitive nature of our security, our staff is instructed to close the gate anytime that it is seen to be left opened. Just remember to take your key when you go out the gate.


Each apartment is allocated two onsite parking slots. located on the gravel area outside the condo

If one of the other apartments does not require the use of their parking slot & you have more than one vehicle, then you are welcome to avail of it.

We do provide street lighting and security camera surveillance to the street immediately in front of our place.

Extra Electrical Appliances

Our apartments are equipped with a complete range of electrical appliances.

You may bring small handheld appliances, but we do request that you do not bring heaters with you. If you require a heater we will hire you one. The rate for the heater will reflect its high electricity usage.

Emergency power

Limited emergency lighting is provided in the event of a brownout.

We also will charge your cell phones, cameras, laptops & other small rechargeable items.

Apart from our wired in emergency lighting there is a portable emergency light to each apartment.



Personal Data Privacy & Security Policy

The purpose of this Data Protection and Privacy Policy is to establish the principles and practices for the protection of personal and sensitive data collected and processed by BAGUIO TRANSIENT DOT COM. This Policy ensures compliance with data protection laws and regulations and outlines our commitment to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of individuals' data.

Van Hire

All van deposits are non-refundable.

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